Information for Teacher Candidates

Student Teaching Applications will be accepted only from students who have been fully admitted to the Washburn Teacher Education Program. Beginning a full year in advance, there are three informational stages to provide opportunities for Teacher Candidates to acquaint themselves with the organization, expectations, field experiences, and courses associated with the student teaching semester.

To be considered eligible for the student teaching semester, Teacher Candidates must complete the following:

PHASE1: Student Teaching Orientation. Meeting attendance is mandatory. Date for the Phase 1 meeting for the semester is a year before you plan to student teach and will be announced via flyers posted in Carnegie Hall and other building sites.
After attending the Phase 1 meeting, then fill out the Application for Student Teaching online and submit a hard copy to the Director of Student Field Experiences.
If you are unable to attend the mandatory Phase 1: Student Teacher Orientation Meeting on the date assigned, please contact Craig Carter in the Washburn Education Department Office (785-670-1473) to conference about your eligibility to student teach on the preferred semester before the date applications are due. Bring a paper copy of your detailed audit to the conference.

NOTE: Eligibility to student teach includes, but is not limited to, completion of all course requirements with maintained and required GPA!
You will be sent an email when your Student Teaching Application has been reviewed by the Washburn Undergraduate Program Committee. Once approved, all student teaching applicants are considered as "pending" until grades have been posted at end of the semester before student teaching.

PHASE 2: Informational Meeting. The Director of Student Field Experiences, currently Craig Carter, will make presentations to prospective student teachers during the semester before the projected professional field experience (student teaching) semester. A preferences sheet, listing school/district preferences of the student, will be submitted at this time.
After the Phase 2 meeting prospective student teachers are expected to complete and turn in certain documents. Documents which should be completed BEFORE the Phase 3: Meet & Greet meeting include:
  1. Letter of Introduction (generic)
  2. Resume
  3. Professional Dispositions Self-Evaluation
  4. TB Test results....Update TB test results. Current results are expected to be within a one-year period of time by the end of the student teaching field experience.
  5. Kansas Bureau of Investigation Criminal Background Check. Provide a copy of KBI background check that has been obtained as close to the student teaching semester as possible. Obtain printed or screen capture copy of document from website

PHASE 3: Meet & Greet. This meeting is MANDATORY and held close to the end of the semester. All student teachers are expected to...
  • Attend meeting.
  • Learn more details about student teaching courses and expectations.
  • Meet University Supervisors and small group members; be prepared to exchange contact information.
  • Be prepared to ask any questions about student teaching field experience placement information.

University Policies:To be eligible for student teaching:
    • Elementary applicants must have completed one full semester of residence (a minimum of 12 semester hours) at Washburn.
      • The residence semester must include 8 semester hours of upper-division professional education course work.
    • Secondary or P-12 applicants must have completed one full semester of residence (a minimum of 12 semester hours) at Washburn.
      • The residence semester must include the appropriate teaching methods courses.

To be eligible for student teaching, students must:
    • have filed a Student Teaching Application by deadline (as described above);
    • have completed ALL professional education courses with a grade of C or better prior to the student teaching semester;
    • have completed ALL content area teaching specialty courses with a grade of C or better prior to the student teaching semester
    • have completed ALL general education courses and courses in the content/specialty area prior to student teaching;
    • have a cumulative professional education GPA of 2.75 or better, a specialty GPA of 2.75 or better, and an OVERALL cumulative GPA of 2.50;
    • be approved by the Washburn Department of Education.
    • submit updates of a KBI Background check and current TB test results by assigned dates.

Questions? Contact:
Dr. Cherry Steffen, Chairperson, Department of Education,
Craig M. Carter, Director of Student Field Experiences,
Ms. Tara Porter, Licensure Officer, tara.porter@washburn.ed
Education Department telephone number: 670-1427