Beginning a full year in advance, there are three informational phases to provide opportunities for Teacher Candidates to acquaint themselves with the organization, expectations, field experiences, and courses associated with the student teaching semester. Phase 1 is an "orientation to student teaching" meeting and basic information about completing academic programs, maintaining GPAs, and other information is dispersed. Phase 2 is an informational meeting that provides an avenue for prospective student teachers and the Washburn Education Department to exchange various types of information since some specific documentation is required before a student teaching field experience can be arranged by the Director of Student Field Experiences. The Phase 3 meeting is a gathering of teacher candidates and university supervisors before student teaching is to occur.

Phase 1 - Orientation
The Orientation Meeting occurs within the first month of the semester a year before a student teaching semester. The purpose of the meeting is to provide basic information about determining whether all program requirements have been met (and allow time to complete the requirements), procedures for applying to student teach, submitting transcripts from other institutions (if necessary), and determining which courses to enroll in for the student teaching semester.

All prospective Teacher Candidates are expected to complete a Student Teaching Application, which are due within approximately two weeks of the Phase 1meeting. Student Teaching Applications will be accepted only from students who have been fully admitted to the Washburn Teacher Education Program.

Should there be a reason for student teaching to not take place during the semester applied for, then the prospective Teacher Candidate is required to complete another application on the due date for the appropriate semester.

Phase 2 - Information Sharing

Early in the semester immediately before a Teacher Candidate expects to student teach a Phase 2 meeting is arranged to provide an exchange of information from prospective student teachers, the Director of Field Experiences, and the Education Department Licensure Officer. During the Stage 2 meeting prospective Teacher Candidates are expected to submit the locations where they would prefer to student teach. Information will be explained about when to submit updated TB test results, KBI Background Checks, a resume, and an introductory letter. The Director of Student Field Experiences may request early copies of the resume and introductory letter to organize student teaching placements. Additional information may be requested by school districts when requests are submitted for the student teaching field experiences, so Teacher Candidates may be contacted by the Director of Student Field Experiences.

Phase 3 - Meet & Greet
Teacher Candidates gather together with the Director of Student Field Experiences during the end of the semester to learn more information about the assignments, duties, and organization for the next semester of student teaching experiences within the various courses. Typically Teacher Candidates are assigned to one University Supervisor within a small group setting who they will meet during the Phase 3 gathering. Notification of student teaching field placements and contact information for mentoring teachers are usually available at the Meet & Greet.

For additional information, contact Craig M. Carter, Director of Student Field Experiences, Washburn University, 785-670-1473.