Thank you for completing the following activities for your Teacher Candidate. Email completed documents to the Director of Student Field Experiences at the following email address: <> All documents must be completed before or during the last week of the Teacher Candidate field experience placement. First Placement field experiences end Friday, October 7. The last day of Fall 2016 student teaching field experience is Friday, December 9.

First Two Weeks of Placement:

* Review Professional Dispositions with Teacher Candidate
  • Meet University Supervisor - Email University Supervisor updates, progress, questions or concerns at least bi-weekly.

Week 3-4:
  • Formal Observation 1 - Plan with Teacher Candidate for the first observation of teaching a lesson. Use online Observation Form on Reflective Educator Wiki. Teacher Candidate is required to submit a full Lesson Plan to the formal observer (MT or US) at least 3 days before a lesson is formally observed. If the Lesson Plan is NOT complete or requires revision then it will be assumed the Teacher Candidate is not prepared to teach, and the formal observation must be rescheduled by the Mentor Teacher or the University Supervisor.
  • Formal Observation Conference 1 - Mentor Teacher meets with Teacher Candidate to provide feedback on formal observation.
  • Send copy to University Supervisor, then email copy to
  • Unit Plan Conference/s - Discuss planning of unit and lessons with Teacher Candidate.

End of Week 4:
  • Mid-Term Conference - Discuss planning, instruction, classroom management, and other topics of your choice that will help the student teacher's skills to grow, especially when planning and implementing units.
  • Teacher Candidate Evaluation Form & Professional Dispositions Form - Mentor Teacher completes both forms online at the Reflective Educator Wiki.

Week 5-7:
  • Formal Observation 2 - Mentor Teacher Observation of Lesson Plan
  • Lesson may be video taped for KPTP Reflection 1 or 2
  • Formal Observation Conference 2 - Mentor Teacher meets with Teacher Candidate to provide feedback on formal observation.
  • Send copy to University Supervisor, then email copy to

Week 8:
  • Final Conference - Discuss progress of planning, instruction, classroom management, etc., pointing out progress made. Discuss the unit plan implementation and impact of Teacher Candidate's instruction on students learning throughout the eight weeks.
  • Submit Summary Evaluation Form and Professional Dispositions Form (Final Ratings) online at the Reflective Educator Wiki during the last week of placement.

  • Friday, October 7 – End of Student Teacher Placement 1
  • Monday, October 10 – Begin Student Teacher Placement 2
  • Monday, October 23 – KTPT Due
  • Thursday, December 1 – Student Teacher Tea – 4:30 p.m. – Bradbury Thompson
  • Tuesday, December 6 – Education Interview Day – 8 a.m.-4 p.m. - Union
  • Friday, December 9 – Last Day of Student Teaching
  • Friday, December 16 – Fall Commencement – 6:30 p.m. – Lee Arena

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