As a convenience for the Consulting Teacher, some of the activities considered appropriate for EPIC student participation during the EPIC field experience in a classroom are listed in the section below. It is suggested that a combination or variety of the activities or tasks be completed throughout the EPIC Experience to give the Washburn student a true idea of what educators do throughout the day/week/semester. The items on this list were arrived at with the combined input of education students, school administrators, and Consulting teachers. There are many other grade-level and curriculum-related activities or tasks that could be completed by the EPIC student during the EPIC Experience. Other activities may be added to the list with the mutual consent of university and school personnel. Schools may place a limit on any of these activities.

I. Observation Activities
- observing Consulting teacher's class sessions
- visiting other classrooms in the same school
- attending a faculty meeting
II. Planning Activities
- assisting teacher in developing/organizing lessons
- collecting materials for class projects
- conducting library research for teacher
- grading tests and written work
- typing materials for teacher
- duplicating materials for teacher
- preparing bulletin boards or file folders
- keeping attendance records
- writing assignments or information on the board
- setting up audio-visual or other equipment
- preparing materials for classroom use
-logging into computer programs
III. Teaching Activities
- assisting teacher with a lesson
-demonstrating how to sing a song or procedural steps of a sport
- leading a discussion or read-aloud session
- making a short presentation with supervision and cooperation of teacher to a small group or the whole class
IV. Supervisory Activities
- assisting students with remedial work
- assisting students with assigned work
- assisting students with make-up work
- assisting students with lab work
- assisting in monitoring tests
- assisting teacher with cafeteria duty, bus duty, recess