Educational Participation In the Community (EPIC) is a course (ED 150) designed to interweave in-class seminar sessions and field experiences for students who are considering a career in education. Throughout the semester, EPIC students attend required class sessions to learn how to observe in classrooms, share educational ideas, collaborate with peers, participate in activities, and reflected on experiences. Major elements of the course include:

  • To receive information about the Education Program and gain an understanding of the skills, knowledge, and dispositions possessed by a successful educational professional.
  • To gain information about a career in education, schools, classrooms, and teachers by observing in an authentic classroom setting. Each student enrolled in ED 150 is expected to complete 35 hours in an actual classroom environment which has been arranged by the Washburn Department of Education's Director of Student Field Experiences.
  • To develop an electronic portfolio as a platform to collect and present artifacts of learning at each phase of development. ED 150 artifacts represent the growth and learning of a Washburn student participating in Phase I of the Washburn Education Program.

Learning Objectives

Course Objectives: The EPIC Student will…

  1. Investigate curricular organization and instructional delivery strategies.
  2. Investigate concepts of multicultural education and its implications for better education, allowing candidates to recognize the value of cultural and social influences on learning.
  3. Establish proficiency with information literacy and technology through development of an electronic portfolio and journal.
  4. Practice academic honesty and exhibit ethical conduct within class sessions and during field experiences.
  5. Develop an academic success plan in preparation for career decision making which demonstrates an understanding of the purpose of a university education.
  6. Demonstrate responsibilities of membership and engagement with school district and Washburn communities.
  7. Demonstrate effective collegiate learning and study skills by completing all assignments (in and outside class sessions) and meeting due dates.
  8. Gain skills in becoming a reflective teacher.

EPIC Field Experience Information:

EPIC Course Information and Activities:

EPIC Evaluation
An EPIC Dispositions Evaluation is completed by all EPIC consulting teachers. This evaluation is an essential component for a Phase I Assessment of Initial Candidates of the Washburn Education Department. The EPIC Dispositions Evaluation gives the EPIC Field Experience Teachers the opportunity to rate the EPIC students on their professional conduct, attitudes, and a variety of other dispositional attributes when in a real classroom environment.

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