Kansas License and Test Information

All Washburn University professional education candidates, upon graduation, will need to fulfill licensure requirements to provide evidence that they are highly qualified education professionals.

Before, during, or after graduation, Washburn University teacher candidates must complete the required tests. An overview of the State of Kansas testing requirements can be found on the Kansas Department of Education [KSDE] website, http://www.ksde.org or contact Ms Tara Porter, Washburn Department of Education Licensure Officer about testing requirements, testing information, and licensure information. General information about testing requirements for teacher candidates can be found in an Overview Chart of Kansas Testing Requirements.

>Overview of Kansas Testing Requirements

>P12 Level Test Codes

>Elementary and Middle Level Test Codes

>Secondary Level Test Codes

Licensure requirements are explained on the KSDE website, http://www.ksde.org or use the direct link to the Kansas State Department of Education - License Application

Additional licensure information and testing requirements may be obtained from Ms Tara Porter, Washburn Department of Education Licensure Officer. Set an appointment with her by phone or via email. Her contact information is tara.porter@washburn.edu and office phone is 785-670-1434.